How To Throw The Hyzer Flip

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Disc golf terms seem to be many and there are lots of new concepts that take some getting used to. The hyzer flip is one of those terms beginners have a hard time grasping and the definitions are wide-ranging and so are the explanations. Learning how to throw the hyzer flip is a great addition to your game. If you’re a beginning disc golfer and looking to expand your shot selection start here. Most importantly, you can really learn to master those understandable discs in your bag and put them to work for you. So if you are getting good rip on your discs and ready for something new, then I recommend getting to know the hyzer flip.

What is a Hyzer Flip & When to Use It

A correctly thrown hyzer flip will make an understandable disc (a disc with a negative “Turn” rating) fly straight-ish. The hyzer flip can come in handy for long narrow shots. You usually get more distance out of a straight hyzer flip, because you are using fast understable distance drivers.

Hyzer Angle

how to throw the hyzer flip -- angle

How to Throw The Hyzer Flip

First, you’ll need an understandable disc. I prefer the Prodigy D3 or the Innova Leopard, or a beat-up or well-worn disc (see below for more recommendations). You’ll want to be aiming for a basket 300-400 feet away, straight out.

Hyzer Flip Angles

A hyzer throw is with the nose of the disc pointed down (see illustration). So a “hyzer flip” is basically a hyzered throw with an understandable disc — which is where the “flip” comes in. You’ll want to keep the disc low to the ground — maybe 8 to 10 feet off the ground or so. Any higher and the glide might become a factor causing the flip to either turnover completely or to activate the fade of the disc and sail off to the other direction. Keep it low. Remember the more understandable the disc, the more you’ll adjust the release angle of the hyzer. Below, I’ve compiled another slideshow of videos on Youtube, explaining in different ways how to throw the hyzer flip — each with their own take on it.

Best Discs for the Hyzer Flip

This is by no means an extensive list, it’s just a small list to give you an idea of the best discs for the hyzer flip throw. I like beat-up DX (Innova) or any baseline plastics with an understable disc, and discs that have just a mild to medium fade. Try the disc finder and look for drivers with a negative turn rating.

  • Prodigy D3
  • Discraft Crank
  • Innova Sidewinder
  • Innova Leopard
  • Discraft Heat
  • Discraft Flash
  • MVP Impulse
  • Innova Valkyrie
  • Beat-up dx discs

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