How To Throw The Hyzer Flip

white golf ball on green grass field during daytime

Disc golf terms seem to be many and there are lots of new concepts that take some getting used to. The hyzer flip is one of those terms beginners have a hard time grasping and the definitions are wide-ranging and so are the explanations. Learning how to throw the hyzer flip is a great addition to […]

Five Beautiful Golf Courses from Around the World

Green Grass Field Near Body of Water

Figure 1 There is not much better than playing golf – and these courses surely prove that Many different factors make a golf course memorable. A good round is an obvious one – but as well as your performance, outstanding scenery is hard to beat as well. A picturesque setting can offset even the worst […]

Golf Nutrition: Keeping Hydrated on the Course

round based shot glass

Keeping hydrated on the golf course is one of the most important factors to elevate your golf performance. Here’s why. Importance of Keeping Hydrated The body is made up of 70% water and water is considered to be the second most critical factor in which life is dependent, the first being oxygen. Because water makes […]

5 Great Golf Training Aids to Increase Your Power

I’ve seen more than my fair share of golf training aids in my almost 15 years of golf blogging. The ones listed below are the best, in my humble opinion, to develop your power game. The golf power swing fan is one of those tried and true golf training aids that seems to have been […]

Relaxed Wrists in the Golf Swing

man in white t-shirt and black pants holding golf club during daytime

Let me say that relaxed may not be exactly the right word. To hit any shot well, including putts, your wrists need the right level of tension. I believe that the intent of all the advice about holding the club loosely (like holding a live bird, for instance) is aimed at letting the wrists hinge […]

Golf Grip Pressure: A Hidden Key

Golf grip pressure is one of those things that is often so in the background of your awareness that you have no idea whether it’s tight, loose or somewhere between. A lot of higher to mid-handicappers tend to lean on the side of gripping the club too tightly and the result is often a slice. […]

Improving Your Golf Balance & Center of Gravity

Center of Gravity (or COG) (and, in this case, golf balance) is one of THE keys to virtually all success in sports, as it protects you from potential injury and also allows you access to stability and power. Balance is one of those weird things that is not discussed enough (or certainly not in understandable […]

7 Different Types of Golf Courses Explained

Not all golf courses are created equally. Much of golf course design relies heavily on the natural terrain and ecosystem where the course is located. While you aren’t the one who designs the course, you can adjust your play for the type of golf course to gain a leg up on the competition.  Below, we’re […]

How to Measure Putter Length

man playing golf under blue sky during daytime

Measuring the length of a putter involves far more than just taking out a tape measure, starting at the grip, and picking a random spot at the bottom of your putter head. With golf being a game of inches, and putting a skill of centimeters, you need to be precise. Knowing how to measure putter […]

8 Popular Types of Golf Tournaments Explained

golfball field

There are a thousand types of golf tournaments. To go through an exhaustive list would mean keeping you here all day. That’s not what we’re looking to do. Instead we’re going to walk you through some of the most common types of golf tournaments. These formats are what you’ll play as part of a charity […]